Tamra Ryan speaks to promote her book, The Third Law,  and discuss the issues that affect impoverished women.  If you're interested in booking Tamra Ryan for a speaking engagement, please click here. Topics about which Tamra speaks include: Women as social entrepreneurs, Social enterprise as a social solution, The Power of Believing.



Tamra presented during TEDxMile High, Values+Instincts.  

"Let me ask you a question. How many of you would hire a felon? A recovering addict? Or someone who's never held a job longer than a year?  Come hear how when you believe in another person, despite their background, despite their best efforts to self-sabotage, despite their pushing back, when you truly believe in them, they can finally begin to believe in themselves. If we want to change the world, we must first believe in our own ability to change, and then believe that others can as well."


If you missed Tamra at TEDxMileHigh, you can watch it here:




Beanstalk Tours

On the first Friday of each month from noon to 1 p.m. Tamra will speak at Women's Bean Project during the Beanstalk Tour.  Meet the author, hear all about The Third Law and get a signed copy. 



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Tamra Ryan and Women’s Bean Project are front and center in the fight against poverty and chronic unemployment. These are topics we should all be discussing and social problems we should be trying to solve.

John Hickenlooper, Governor for the State of Colorado


In my thirty years of crime reporting, I've seen just what Tamra Ryan discusses in this book: there are gray shades all around us, nothing is black and white, and therefore, it is difficult to judge.  If you've ever wondered why people don't move out of poverty, this is a must read.

Frank Main, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, The Chicago Sun-Times


Remarkably candid and heartfelt. Tamra comes from a place of understanding when she describes the women and her own experiences at Women’s Bean Project, one of the country’s leading social enterprises.

Kevin Lynch, CEO, Social Enterprise Alliance and co-author, Mission, Inc.